We are thrilled that you are considering presenting an event at Spectrum. Please note that, due to the volume of submissions we receive, it is not possible for us to respond to every message. We will be in touch if your music fits into our programming.

Please review this page in detail before sending your materials to


Unfortunately, due to poor sound insulation in our building, Spectrum is generally not able to present very loud concerts. If your performance does not contain drums, bass, or amplification with a prominent bass component (e.g. bassy electric guitar or bassy synths), you generally will not have issues, but you must keep your concert to a reasonable salon-type volume, rather than a rock-concert or loud jazz volume. If your performance contains drums (specifically bass drum and loud snare), amplified bass, or other high-bass elements, we generally are not able to present your music. Drums may be used for concerts, but we will aggressively mute the bass drum (drummers may also consider using a floor tom for the kick), and drummers must be very cognizant of avoiding sharp attacks on other drum surfaces. (Due to their frequency range, cymbals are a little bit less problematic.) Amplified bass must be kept at a fairly modest volume.

In either case, Spectrum staff will help you set up your concert so as to stay within our noise limits. If you are not observing these restrictions, you will be asked to alter your performance mid-set, and if you continue being unable to observe the restrictions, you will be asked to stop. We apologize in advance; but we must impose these rules if we are to remain in our current space.


Although we make occasional exceptions, Spectrum generally programs only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you are seeking to perform on a weeknight, please keep in mind we likely will not be able to accommodate your request.

As of January 2019, we are booking concerts only through the end of May 2019.


Spectrum does not receive outside funding. So that we can maintain our space and put on excellent concerts, we keep a portion of the admissions to pay our (small) staff. We offer two arrangements to artists: (1) 70/30 split of door proceeds, favoring artists: Spectrum provides one staff person to set up the stage and run sound. We do not provide a dedicated door person in this arrangement, though the performer may bring one. Performers will be expected to assist in stage set-up, should the set-up be complicated. (2) Standard 50/50 split of door proceeds: Spectrum provides two staff, one of whom will take money at the door. If your event is likely to involve a high degree of staff time to set up and run, we may require you to elect this option.

Performers may set their own ticket prices. Our default prices are $15 adults / $10 students/seniors. Performers may choose to not charge a cover, but in this case must make alternate arrangements with Spectrum to ensure staff are compensated for their time. Similarly, performers may guest-list as many audience as they wish, but must arrange to compensate staff separately if comping any more than a quarter of the audience.

Load-In and Set-Up

Spectrum endeavors to provide up to two hours of time for load-in and sound-check prior to your concert. If your concert requires more set-up, you may have to arrange to pay an extra fee to the staff for the additional time.


Spectrum exists to promote innovation and virtuosity in the arts. To this end, we provide a wide array of equipment:
• Professional sound system with Yamaha LS9-16 mixing console, with stereo, 5.1, or 8.1 surround-sound speaker system and extended-range subwoofer
• 2 Vox AC15 guitar amplifiers
• Custom bass amp
• Full drum kit including cymbals
• Steinway M grand piano
• Yamaha CP33 stage piano
• 2 Keyboard stands
• 7 Music stands
• Projector and screen
• Wide range of microphones and speakers; contact us for details

Piano Policy

Spectrum has an excellent Steinway studio grand on loan from a generous, anonymous donor. It is important that this piano be treated and used considerately. Neither beverages nor food should come within six feet of the instrument. Nothing should be placed on the piano except for sheet music (or iPads or similar devices containing music images).

Additionally, only pianists with degrees in classical performance are allowed to go inside the piano or perform extended techniques wit the instrument. Please contact us for more details on this policy.

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