Multichannel Music Festival

Spectrum is proud to present our first annual festival for multichannel music, sound, and performance. Spanning 7 concerts over 8 days, we aim to show a wide array of artistic practices, from embedded speakers, to 8-channel acousmatic work, to dynamic live performances in surround. All events $15/10, and are presented at 70 Flushing Ave.

7pm, Saturday November 2nd

Lee Gilboa - Dyslexia
Eoin Callery - have you flipped the phase today
Elizabeth Hoffmann
Andrew Neumann
Ed Bear - Scrying

7pm, Sunday November 3rd

David Adamcyk - Six Drawings by Randall (for percussion and electronics, performed by Caitlin Cawley)
Weston Olencki - for melodicas (performed by the STAFF BAND)
additional performances by Gabriel Zucker, Glenn Cornett, Lester St. Louis

7pm, Tuesday November 5th

Joel St. Julien - Moral Monsters (for guitar, voice, electronics)
Marcela Lucatelli - even sunday (acousmatic work)
Kala Pierson - Slow Wind (acousmatic work with video)
Daniel Bernard Roumain - It Feels like a Mountain, Chasing me (for piano & electronics, performed by Eunbi Kim)
Richard Barrett - disquiet (acousmatic work), world premiere

7pm, Thursday November 7th

Merche Blasco
Taylor Brook - Virtutes Occultae (for retuned physically-modeled pianos)

7pm, Friday November 8th

Jenn Grossman/Mike Clemow - psycho-sonic constructions
Didem Coskunseven/Engin Daglik
David Bird - Atolls (for piccolo and 29 spatialized piccolos, performed by Laura Cocks)

8:30pm, Saturday November 9th

Sofy Yuditskaya/Meg Schedel
Meg Schedel/Suzie Green
Dafna Naphtali

7pm, Sunday November 10th

Sam Salem - too late, too far (acousmatic work)
Sam Salem - not one can pass away (for two object performers with tape & video, performed by Weston Olencki & Dennis Sullivan)
Bergrun Snaebjornsdottir
Max Hamel (HSFB)
Carlos Quebrada - MLTCLTRLSM (performed by Pauline Kim Harris)
Acousmatic works by Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Lee Fraser, and others

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